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A Community For Sharmell Sullivan

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Sharmell Sullivan is a WWE Diva.

She started her wrestling career as Nitro Girl, Storm, in WCW in the mid 90's. In 2000, WCW broke up the original Nitro Girls, and Sharmell's Character was changed to Paisley. She was the valet of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaka. During this time she fuded with Tammy Sytch, Daffney, Tygress and Major Gunns. After breaking away from TAFKAPI, she joined forces with Kwee Wee, and still had fueds with Major Gunns and Tygress, and also fuded with Torrie Wilson. Madusa called Sharmell one of her best students at the WCW Power Plant.

On Feb 1, 2001, WCW fired five of their divas. Sharmell was one of them. After her firing she, along with four former Nitro Girls *Tygress, Spice, Fyre, and Chae*, formed a music group called Diversity 5.

The group didn't get off to a good start, and Sharmell was signed to developmental contract in 2001 or 2002. She went to OVW and was with Victoria and Nidia there. During her time in OVW, she also was a backstage interviewer for Smackdown.

She had an ACL injury and WWE released her from her contract.

She met Booker T when they were in WCW together, and during his WWE career, they got married. Last year Sharmell returned to the wrestling ring under her real name, and as Booker's wife.

No Bashing Sharmell or each other.
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